George Barker

Photographing people, products, and places. 

In all of my work, I strive to focus on the workmanship and character of the setting. I use professional lighting equipment to insure the very best detail and, when necessary, technical tricks to make everything look just perfect. 

Clients include:
Real estate agents who are looking for clean, well-lit photos for new listings. My photographs have been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s real estate sections. I am more than happy to meet with any agent or office manager who would like to review my work.

Commercial builders looking to show their work with precision and style. My work has included hotels, university dormitories, manufacturing facilities, performance halls, condominium complexes, and restaurants, among others. As the commercial sector is improving, I am looking to expand my client base.

Hotel and Innkeepers who are looking for striking images of their facilities and grounds for websites and print materials. Day or hourly rates are available to meet your needs.

When I photograph a job, I place the images in Dropbox for clients to review and make their selections. They can download directly to their desktop for print or digital reproduction.